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A Trauma Informed Approach to Therapy in Kelsall near Chester & Wrexham

Recently I teamed up with Reanne Benson of Symbiosis Rehabilitation in order to provide a trauma informed therapeutic approach. Based in Kelsall near Chester at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre, clients can take advantage of our service as and when required.

Many researchers believe trauma is stored in the body, and a body orientated approach alongside trauma informed psychotherapy is a suggested model.

Bessel Van Der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score (paid link), believes psychological trauma affects the nervous system and suggests a variety of approaches to help calm the nervous system. He conducted a study comparing an antidepressant to yoga in the treatment of PTSD. The study found yoga (although not curing PTSD) to be more effective than medicine in relieving symptoms.

Our trauma informed approach is designed to address the emotional and psychological effects and help regulate the nervous system. It’s known as a top down, bottom up approach. Here at Kelsall Hill, near Chester, and Wrexham we offer clients a range of approaches to help process psychological trauma. Mindfulness techniques can be taught to help people manage their symptoms on a daily basis. Clients are introduced to various activities which can help with regulating the nervous system and their emotions.

How Can Trauma Informed Therapy Help You?

Trauma informed psychotherapy helps a person get in touch with feelings and body sensations as well as thoughts. Trauma can sometimes fragment the personality. When this happens, helping a person integrate various parts of their personality is part of therapy. This approach also helps a person get in touch with the body by focusing awareness on sensations as a way of processing traumatic and emotional events.

Part of therapy helps bring denied and distorted experiences into a person's awareness. Our trauma informed approach is aware of potential re traumatisation and therefore we are careful to go at our clients' pace.


Our work is heavily influenced by Carl Rogers, Eugene Gendlin and Judith Herman.

Herman’s (2015) model of recovery is set out in 3 stages. Establishing safety, remembering and mourning, and reconnection. It is not unlike models that have gone before if you consider Janet’s work on hysteria, Scufield’s work on combat trauma and Putnam’s on multiple personality disorder, these recovery models follow similar stages.

According to many psychologists and psychotherapists, a large part of healing from psychological trauma is in reconnection with people. Judith Herman’s work on psychological trauma is considered by many, the most important in many years. Her three stage model of recovery is considered the gold standard in trauma treatment. Reconnection is her third stage. We approach this in individual therapy, group therapy and reconnection activities. She and many others believe recovery can only take place within the context of relationships.


In later stages of recovery clients are encouraged to get involved in group work helping them reconnect. We offer group work in the traditional group setting and also activity group work with an outdoor pursuits company. These activities are designed to be fun, calming and encourage participants to work together and make new friends.

Psychotherapy can leave a person feeling shattered. Relaxation treatments have been made available including massage, Reiki and nature walks along the Cheshire Sandstone Trail. Someone told me once that psychotherapy was a bit like physiotherapy in that it left her battered and bruised for a couple of days before things eased off.

If you are in need of therapy in the Wrexham or Chester area, why not contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to see how us working together may benefit you and your mental health and wellbeing.

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